Charter Private Jets Traveling During COVID-19

Your Aircraft. Your Protection.

To ensure you can travel with peace of mind during this uncertain time, we have introduced new safety measures and flexible cancellation for your flights.


Added safety measures

To minimize your risk of exposure, we have implemented new safety measures across all our flights. These measures have been put in place by our Security company, Redline, who are working directly to advise the aviation industry globally. Some of the measures in place include disinfecting all cabin surfaces prior to every flight, PPE provided for all passengers, temperature checking and procedures in place should any passenger be taken ill during flight. Through these measures and providing guidance to you, we can help you keep risk of exposure to a minimum.

Flexible cancellation

You now have access to flexible cancellation options across all our services so that you can book ahead with peace of mind in these uncertain times. Our team can advise the option best suited for your travel requirements, whether for business or leisure. You can read more about the services we offer below.