Through Redline Assured Security, our mission is to enhance the delivery of assured security in regulated, high value and high threat environments. Our government-standard security solutions are trusted by aviation, critical national infrastructure, event security and corporate organisations.


We provide clients with industry leading courses, delivered by our experienced team. Recognised by ICAO as one of 35 Aviation Security Training Centres and ‘outstanding’ by the UK CAA, we deliver training globally against ICAO, EU, TSA and UK Standards. 

Quality Assurance

We provide quality assurance and auditing services, assisting clients with audits, inspections and assessments. Our team of highly qualified security auditors and covert assessors are able to swiftly identify risks and vulnerabilities, which can affect operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Compliance Management

We work with businesses to assure their compliance with national and international regulations. Our embedded managers support our clients to mitigate risks and maintain regulatory compliance, evidencing the effectiveness of security measures through our security management systems.

Consultancy and Integrated Management Systems

We combine security and software expertise to help our clients identify, track, measure and mitigate risks.