Pet Travel

We're just as passionate about pets as you are, which is why we offer the most personalised, pet-friendly private flights, tailored to their every need. We can provide transportation to ensure your dogs, cats or other animals travel in the lap of luxury.

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Your pets deserve the world

Our customers trust us with flying their pets because we understand just how much they are part of the family. And that makes them a special part of our family too. We ensure that all of their specific requirements are catered for, every time.

Peace of mind for you and your pet

Flying privately with your pet allows you to enjoy quality time together, as well as being able to look after their well-being. As you explore the world, take time to paws and relax, knowing your favourite companion is right there next to you.

It's all taken care of.

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Travel by your side

With your pet next to you, in the comfort of your private jet cabin, they share the experience with you during the flight. They can enjoy the simple pleasures like being able stretch their hind legs, roam about as permitted, and relax peacefully.

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Amenities aboard

Prime cuts? Fresh water? Favourite pet treats? You name it. Our team will arrange for any requested catering options for your pets for the duration of your flights. Simply let us know your pet travel preferences when booking your trips with us.

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Extra-special attention

With the assistance of our Private Jets team, travel anywhere with more confidence. We help to ensure all the arrangements and documentation for travel with pets are in place beforehand. Both you and your pet will arrive hassle-free without issue.

FAQ for Travelling with Pets

Can I fly with multiple pets?

You can certainly travel with as many pets as your private aircraft will accommodate. When booking your private flights, let your Account Manager know about your pet travel requirements. Be sure to provide the number of pets you plan on flying with, and include your pets breed, weight and other important information.

Can I travel with my pet to any destination?

Restrictions and health requirements for pets and animals travelling to and from foreign countries may vary from country to country, and may even be subject to change. The definition of a pet may vary so it is always worthwhile checking with local and foreign regulations, as well as the CAA guidelines for travelling with pets. It also strongly recommended that your pets' health documents and certificates be up to date throughout the timeframe of your travel dates. A member of our Private jets team will be more than happy to assist with confirming any details before you travel with your pets.