Transport solutions for your time-critical cargo

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Our Air Partner Freight team continue to see requests for urgent freight shipments from companies seeking to transport a number of different commodities between every continent. When handling even the most time-critical and more complex cargo arrangements, our global cargo team has responded to the industry demands and supply chain needs, providing swift solutions amidst the global crisis.

Having the right partner, and being able to respond quickly, at the minute level, makes the difference for essential cargo transport, especially when there are limitations in cargo capacity.

Here are a few case studies that demonstrate our expertise to deliver reliable cargo charter services and timely solutions with the most creative and skilled logistics.

Urgent supply-chain demands

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the Air Partner Freight team has continued to support the delivery of urgent COVID-related supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE), COVID-19 test kits and other necessities in the fight against COVID-19. When the demand for delivering PPE was at its peak, the freight division carried out more than 160 dedicated cargo flights globally on a range of chartered freighter aircraft such as the Antonov AN-124, Boeing 747-400F, Boeing 777F, Boeing 767F, and Airbus A330F. 

Additionally, Air Partner’s freight team used their extensive experience to charter numerous passenger configured aircraft to move urgent PPE cargo, as an innovative approach to overcome the global cargo aircraft capacity crunch during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Special handling requirements

With COVID-19 related items, such as virus and antibody test kits, vaccines, and medicines in high demand and needing to be distributed in a timely manner, our team has worked around the clock to provide time-critical solutions that meet the handling requirements. For COVID-19 test kits, our team have worked on flights from China, the United States, Europe, and other global routes to move the necessary medical supplies that help to combat the virus throughout the pandemic.

For this type of cargo with strict and sensitive handling procedures, we arranged for pharmaceutical Envirotainers, which are highly regulated temperature containers. In order to maintain the integrity of these test kits, our team coordinated for hourly temperature checks during transit and provided additional logistics.

Remote destinations and difficult to reach locations

Our freight team works regularly to deliver cargo to and from hard-to-reach locations that may be more challenging to access. Our Freight team have chartered to, from and even through various regions in Africa, China, the Middle East, Europe, and the Pacific frequently. Even in areas affected by natural disasters or with travel restrictions, our Freight team has been a go-to for those needing to deliver vital and essential aid and resources.

Often we provide cargo transport solutions for the Oil, Gas and Energy sector, which often involves delivering urgent cargo to remote sites and offshore locations. When our Freight team received a request to transport six pieces of oil & gas equipment from the United States to Nouakchott, Mauritania the Freight team concluded that a unique hybrid charter solution was needed, due to the lack of scheduled freighter service to this remote destination and the oversized dimensions of the cargo. Our US and German Freight teams worked together to arrange immediate uplift of this critical cargo on the next flight out on a Boeing B747F from Houston, TX to Europe and to seamlessly connect to a dedicated AN-26 cargo aircraft to end destination Nouakchott, Mauritania. In addition, we arranged for one of our dedicated Freight experts to conduct on-site flight representation at the transfer point in Liege, Belgium to ensure the cargo was transferred quickly and the client was provided with tangible, real-time updates during the transfer process.

Industry-specific solutions

The Air Partner team offers air cargo charter services across all industries, including pharmaceutical, military & defence, automotive, humanitarian aid & relief, tech and more. For a company in the tech- sector, Air Partner took on a time-critical global forwarding delivery of subsea cables (submarine communication cables). The cargo required repacking and had to be on route to Norway Stavanger Airport (SVG) within 48 hours of receiving the cargo request. To expedite the process, the Air Partner team acquired quick international permits and arranged special handling of the breakbulk cargo items.

Flown on Antonov AN-124 aircraft, 2 large reels of subsea cables weighing approximately 20 tons each, were transported successfully overseas. Working in conjunction with our UK offices, we were able to have a member of our global team present at SVG airport to observe and coordinate upon arrival. Our team organised full door-to-door international cargo shipment in only 72 hours.

For your upcoming or urgent cargo projects, contact our team at any time.