Keeping businesses connected with corporate shuttle flights

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

It is an interesting time for business around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially with many embracing a work from home culture and the increase in online business. Despite obstacles, businesses fundamentally need to keep moving and look towards solutions. Within the US, we are helping to keep businesses connected with corporate shuttle flights.

Over the last month, we have found that our clients, especially in the financial, tech and pharma industries have been utilizing our corporate shuttle services to help arrange multiple flights for employees. These complex flight arrangements usually span across a period, for specific projects or events. For many business executives, being present and in person has been an integral part of their success, so it makes sense to have having reliable flight arrangement established, especially when time is of the essence.

Recently, our team arranged a series charter for a technology company needing to fly 300 employees to Silicon Valley weekly. Arranging a series of flights provided them with a quick and reliable method of transport to their destination. To accommodate their schedule, as well as passenger preferences and corporate requirements, our team arranged for up to 8 flights per day for several weeks. With the reduction in schedule services for commercial flights during COVID-19, it has further enhanced the benefits of using corporate shuttles.

For regular business travel, these group flight arrangements offer companies and large corporates cost efficiencies, time saving and smoother management of getting people where they need to be. We often find that our clients, who need to reach destinations, where regular scheduled services may not allow them to fly close to, look to take up a corporate shuttle program as private charter allows greater flexibility around nearest end-to-end airports and avoids scheduled travel disruptions.

The service we offer goes above and beyond simply getting groups from one place to another. Our dedicated team of experienced account managers, work hand in hand with our clients to secure the best aircraft for groups of any size along with arranging all the details for the flight. With such a breadth of clients across multiple industries ranging from Finance to Oil & Gas, we navigate across the more detailed aspects, travel restrictions and requirements that each industry might require.

As managing large groups can be more complex, we provide an online booking tool that is designed to help alleviate some of the intricacies and administration. It allows us to give clients full control of keeping employees details up to date and notifications on flights. As well, we offer personalized on board experiences. This could include custom catering or VIP arrangements based on the desired itinerary. Some of our clients in the past have opted to brand the aircraft to enhance the travel experience for employees.