Critical corporate flights to keep your business moving

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

There have been many businesses who have had to continue working throughout COVID-19, and many more who will look to start mobilising staff as travel restrictions slowly lift. Throughout the crisis we have seen a sharp uplift in businesses relying on us to move their people safely and reliably, particularly within critical industries such as oil and gas. As we emerge from the crisis, we expect more businesses to assess how they can recommence travel whilst keeping risk of exposure to the virus to a minimum.

Aside from the public nature of scheduled flights, many routes have been cut and it is likely to take time for the commercial airline industry to recover. We have already assisted businesses who are concerned about the safety of travelling with commercial airlines at this time and who need a reliable solution. Examples include charters to enable the rotation of critical workers in the energy and airline industries. Our US team recently arranged a series charter for a technology company needing to fly 300 employees to Silicon Valley weekly. Arranging a series of flights provided them with a quick and reliable method of transport to their destination. To accommodate their schedule, as well as passenger preferences and corporate requirements, our team arranged for up to 8 flights per day for several weeks.

The value and security that charter services can deliver for businesses has never been so pertinent. As leaders in Safety & Security, we have leveraged our expertise in risk management and applied it to our charter services, so we can guide and advise you. Here are some of the measures we are implementing:

  • Creating a controlled environment from the start to end of your journey, to ensure risk to exposure of the virus can be safely managed
  • Aligning our standard operating practices with the industry, providing clear guidance to all partners and crew we work with
  • Delivering industry-leading guidance and advice to our clients to help them minimise their risk profile when travelling
  • Creating a low risk environment for passengers on all charter flights by implementing safety measures such a temperature checks before boarding,provision of PPE (personal protective equipment), deep-cleaning of the aircraft and all food and drink to be sealed
  • Beyond aviation, our Security division, Redline, are offering world-leading risk management advice and security services to businesses who need to reassess working practices and risks in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through our broad suite of aviation services we can create tailored solutions for any sized group, across any route (subject to travel restrictions). Having worked with governments and critical organisations throughout the pandemic, we have the experience and knowledge to meticulously manage the complex flight arrangements and paperwork required, made more challenging than ever with restrictions that are continuously changing. In recent weeks, we have delivered regular charter flights to enable the continue rotation of critical workers in the oil and gas sector, amongst many others, and we expect this demand for corporate flights to only increase in the coming months.