Tour Protect

Tour Protect offers specially curated safety features in place for your music or entertainment flights with us.


Industry-leading service

Global Air Charter

We offer private aviation solutions for your complex music tours and staging equipment. With our customizable charter program for your group flights and cargo transport, we ensure the most seamless and secure travel experience. Access aircraft from private terminals and have your equipment delivered directly to the venue.

Personalized protection

Enhanced Safety Protocol

For maximum safety on every flight, we ensure aircraft and crew comply with recommended COVID-19 procedures along with our high safety processes we already have in place for all of our operators we work with. Our team can arrange health screenings, including COVID testing & vaccination validation, for all your access points.

Ask out about our comprehensive audits and how we ensure our clients fly on aircraft that meet only the most stringent standards.

Expert Consultancy

Security Screening

We work closely with airports, airlines, suppliers and cargo agents globally to ensure that necessary security is in place offering solutions that meet the requirements set out by international regulations and compliance.

  • Security screening for your artists, personnel and equipment.
  • Rapid deployment of security teams & screening equipment
  • Added security for high profile clients for reassurance at times when you need it.

Safety in the spotlight.

COVID-19 Safeguarding

When you're on the move, we help you further mitigate COVID and any health risk factors. In addition to arranging health screenings, we keep best practices in place to safeguard you and your people for every flight with aircraft deep cleaning, onboard sanitizing products​, crew adherence to recommended hygiene and social distancing.

Evacuation Response

With such a diverse range of aviation services across the Air Partner Group, we maintain exceptional relationships with our operators globally so we can ensure the fastest solution for any evacuation requirements. We have an established track record for evacuating individuals and groups of all sizes, working through the pandemic on behalf of clients for complex projects in challenging locations.

Medical Support

We work with any specific providers to provide you with a quick and professional response to emergencies or routine issues, wherever you are across the globe. In any event, whether you require hospitalization or replacement medication, we work seamlessly with specialists to remain available and respond to any situation.

24/7 Team Monitorings

Our team is available around the clock to provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding your flights, overseeing all aspects of your travel, from local advisories to weather. With our global network and 24/7 support team, we are always on standby to respond to any of your requests or last-minute changes of plans.

End-to-end solutions for every stage of your tour.

With our 60 years of experience working across all industries, including music & entertainment, events, corporate, and government, we provide the broadest scope of charter solutions attuned to the smallest of details. Whether you need added security measures, rapid deployments or access to remote destinations, our team is able to deliver all-encompassing solutions for your crew and equipment. If you are working closely with an event venue, we can also offer wider security training programs for your staff.

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