Top 3 private jets for flying with family

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

With access to a wide variety of aircraft, we will always endeavor to source the best option for your requirements. Many of our clients enjoy flying by private jet with their family over the summer months, so we’ve put together 3 of our favorite aircraft that we recommend and why.

Embraer Phenom 300

Light cabin

A Light cabin jet, the Phenom 300 accommodates a small family group of 6 comfortably, but some can seat 8 people at a maximum. The most common seating arrangement has 6 individual club seats and a 2-seater bench opposite the cabin entrance makes up the 8, which would work particularly well if you are travelling with young children. It has an impressive range for a Light jet of 3 to 3.5 hours. Offering some of the best features within its class, the Phenom 300 has excellent baggage space – ideal if you are travelling with extra luggage. It has a very comfortable cabin that feels spacious and includes a separate washroom. In terms of performance, it has excellent short runway capabilities and can therefore land at smaller airports. We would recommend this aircraft for flights to popular short distance flights, traveling intrastate (flights from Miami to Orlando, Los Angeles to San Franciso, Long Island to White Plains, NY) or flying to and from neighboring cities for daytrips.

Cessna Citation XLS

Midsize cabin

A class above the Phenom 300, the Midsize Citation XLS typically seats 8 passengers but at 18.7 ft long, offers a much more spacious cabin suitable for longer flights within Europe. It has a similar seating configuration to the Phenom 300 – 2 facing sideways opposite the cabin entry door, 4 in a club arrangement and 2 facing forward in the rear. Similarly, it has as generous baggage capacity and good performance, taking just 18 minutes to climb to altitude and able to take off at a minimum distance of 3500 ft. The cabin is quiet and there is a roomy separate washroom. We would recommend this jet for slightly longer range flights across the United States, to Hawaiian Islands, Latin Americas or Caribbean. Or for those flying internationally, we often use this aircraft category to plan an itinerary for multiple destinations within Europe. For spring or summer touring, travelers arriving in Europe may ventureto Morocco, Croatia, Montenegro, Iceland and the Greek islands.

Embraer Legacy 650

Large cabin

Offering the largest cabin out of our 3 selections, the Embraer Legacy 650 would be a good option for a larger family group or if you want a spacious cabin. Seating up to 13, it also features a split cabin, meaning you can separate the cabin at the back – should children want to watch a film or go to sleep, or if you would just like some privacy. The configuration is made up of four seats in a club-four configuration, a further four seats around a dining table, a three-seater sofa and two individual seats facing each other. The seats can also be reclined in a sleeping configuration with mattresses added, allowing up to 6 passengers to get a good sleep during the flight. It has a generous washroom and direct access to the hold luggage from the cabin – ideal if you require toiletries in flight, want to change into sleepwear or a fresh outfit for when you land. The luggage hold, in fact, supersedes that of the other models in its category, easily accommodating 20 bags. We would recommend this aircraft for flight of up to 8 hours, particularly destinations in South America, Europe or the Middle East such as Turkey, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Visit our aircraft guide to discover a selection of the other aircraft we offer. If you would like to find out any more about these aircraft, or would like a quote for your next flight, just inquire below.