Keeping employees safe with Group Charter

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

As we move into the “new normal” with social distancing here to stay for the foreseeable future, many businesses have to keep operations going, while protecting the safety of their employees.

We work with a range of industries, and whether it's crew rotations in the oil and gas industry, corporate clients flying between bases or flying a group of employees to work on a project – they all have one main aim in common – keeping their businesses moving and their employees safe.

Private charter is a valuable resource throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It allows clients to control the airport experience and on-board environment, providing a range of safety measures that scheduled airlines simply are not able to implement such a range of solutions. As well as offering a whole of other benefits, such as flexible flight times and accessing more convenient airports.

Our charter teams are closely supported by our Safety & Security division, enabling us to provide expertise and a range of solutions during these challenging circumstances. Air Partner will not fly any passenger who has symptoms of COVID-19

The range of safety measures we can implement for groups, include:

Prior to the flight

At Air Partner, we only work with approved aircraft operators, ensuring aircraft and crew comply with recommended COVID-19 procedures, in addition to the strict safety processes we have in place.

Your dedicated Account Manager will talk you through the different measures we can implement, and all of the charter flight arrangements will be tailored to your exact requirements.

We discuss with you the seating arrangements and ensure that the aircraft is of adequate size to implement social distancing on-board, for example keeping rows or middle seats free.

The day before a flight, in certain locations, we can implement off-site check-in, limiting even further the amount of time that groups spend at the airport.

At the airport

Private charter already offers a host of time saving benefits, however with the additional safety measures we can put in place, this controls the airport experience even further for your group. We can help you with staggering the arrival of passengers to the airport to reduce the queues and should you not wish to operate off-site check-in, we can also implement measures including:

  • Social distancing in the airport queue with 6 feet apart markers on the floor
  • Implement the use of every other check-in desk
  • Ensure the check-in and security staff wear PPE where possible
  • Provide hand sanitizing facility at check-in
  • Temperature checks – working with our partners, we can provide a medic to temperature check all passengers at the airport, prior to boarding

Throughout the airport, we can ensure that social distancing is in place, and control the boarding experience – for example, boarding to start an hour ahead of the flight (rather than 30 minutes), passengers to scan their own boarding pass and if using a bus from the airport to the aircraft, we can help limit the passenger numbers here too.

On-board the aircraft

We can arrange for a deep cleaning of the aircraft, which we have experience of as we've been working throughout COVID-19. We can also arrange for face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer to be provided on all seats and for the aircraft to have antibacterial sanitizer.

With tailored on-board catering, we also have been recommending bagged food service to be delivered to each seat prior to boarding to minimize contact time with the crew.

All of these additional measures can be tailored to your exact requirements and our dedicated Account Managers are on-hand to provide advice and assistance.

Should you require more information on private charter for your group, please do get in touch. With our dedicated 24/7 flight support, approved operators and expert advice, we'll provide you with a solution to meet your requirements.