Certifying Skills Staff Training Blog – Continuing Airworthiness Consultant John Elkin

Sunday, November 1, 2020

In these difficult times living with COVID has been a daily challenge for us all which we’ve had to address both at work and at home.

We’ve been able to meet some of these challenges by adapting much of our training portfolio to provide virtual delivery to meet the needs of our clients. Where a virtual course isn’t available, and face to face delivery is required, we have taken on board the UK government advice and developed a set of safety protocols that allow us to deliver ‘live’ training and consulting to our clients. More than being merely compliant with the Government requirements, we have gone the extra mile to ensure safety, and this has enabled us to deliver face to face training to clients across Europe. Our collaborative and proactive approach has involved finding innovative solutions, such as such as repurposing space or hiring alternative venues to allow social distancing.

In October, prior to the 2nd lockdown in England, I facilitated a day’s training for the certifying staff at GE On-Wing Support, London Heathrow, making use of the workshop area to allow safe group interaction in an appropriate, suitable space. The lively debate around the exploration of the intent of regulations, development of skills and matching these to the variety of company approvals, proved to be exciting and beneficial.

Mike Thomas, the QA manager, provided feedback:

“In terms of the course it was a roaring success, the guys here took a lot away with it and are really testing our procedures onsite which is great”

For me it was a real pleasure to work with Mike and the team. The support for COVID protocols was second to none and the culture within the team meant that at no time did I feel my safety, or that of the delegates, was compromised. What’s more the course has proven to be highly effective and the efforts made by all involved has been shown to be of real and tangible benefit.

Having developed virtual training for many of our courses we now have an extensive virtual training portfolio. Where virtual training is not available, we are happy to explore on-site options with our clients, following covid-19 safety protocols and keeping all parties safe whilst not compromising the quality of our training and consultation.

To find out more about face to face training or consulting email training@bainessimmons.com or call +44 (0)1276 859 519