FRM - Safety Cases and Scientific Studies

Scientific studies provide an in-depth understanding of contributors to fatigue in a specific part of the operation. They may be used to explore a specific part of the operation where fatigue is elevated but contributors are not clear, following a significant operational change (e.g. change in rest duration or workload), or to support a safety case

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Our approach:

  • Proven data collection methodology, using objective and subjective data, targeted to answer hypotheses set prior to beginning the study
  • Following scientific principles in the design of the study, data collection, statistical analysis and reporting
  • Ensuring sufficient participants are recruited and trained to provide high-quality data for robust statistical analysis
  • Provision of data collection tools, including validated actigraphy devices, and data collection applications for iOS and Android devices.

Safety case support

Safety cases consist of a scientific study and a supporting effective fatigue risk management system. Both of these must be approved by the regulator before the alternative means of compliance can be worked.

We are experienced in helping operators apply for safety cases in regulatory environments worldwide, including working with the regulator, building and/or increasing the effectiveness of the FRMS and conducting the scientific study that is designed to definitely demonstrate that fatigue is managed at least as well as working within the published flight time limitations.