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EMARs – European Military Aviation Requirements

The EMARs are military adaptations of the proven EASA airworthiness rules, behind each of which lies an intent to deliver the approved activity in a safe and efficient way, resulting in the highest levels of airworthiness. They define a framework for the consistent approval of organisations, with an embedded philosophy of continuous improvement and an aim to support the safe delivery of approved activity. They are not intended to dictate how work is completed, rather, they establish a framework in which efficient organisations can operate and consistently interface with other stakeholders.

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EMAR Project goals

The European Military Airworthiness Authorities Forum (MAWA) has the following stated goals:

  • Common regulatory framework
  • Common certification processes
  • Common approach to organisational approvals
  • Common certification/design codes
  • Common approach to the preservation of airworthiness
  • Arrangements for recognition
  • Formation of a European Military Joint Airworthiness Authorities Organisation

Benefits of adopting a harmonised & standardised approach

There are many benefits attached to adopting a standardised approach. EMARs have been based on European civil aviation best-practice and are designed to:

  • Bring efficiencies to aircraft procurement and certification
  • Effectively manage and improve aircraft safety, reducing aircraft losses
    Increase operational fleet readiness, availability and reliability
  • Reduce costs through smarter asset management
  • Increase supply chain competition
  • Eliminate ineffective maintenance, reducing maintenance costs and costs associated with error
  • Improve logistical efficiencies through better use of tooling, spare parts, equipment and manpower

How we can help 

Through our work with Military Aviation Authorities worldwide, and with the EDA’s MAWA Forum on the development of the EMARs, we have helped to shape new approaches to airworthiness management and advance high levels of Defence organisation performance.

We fully understand the Defence airworthiness environment and offer a unique combination of strategic and technical training courses, workshops and consulting services which are designed to help personnel from defence organisations and their supplier companies develop their competence and skills in core areas of safety, airworthiness and quality management.

Consulting Services

  • EMAR System Implementation
  • National Regulatory System Development
  • Outsourced Auditing
  • Transition Management Programme 

Training courses and workshop programmes

  • EMAR Introduction and Overview
  • EDA Overview and an introduction to EMAR 21, EMAR 145 and EMAR M
  • EMAR 145 – Successfully Applying the Requirement
  • EMAR M – Successfully Applying the Requirement
  • EMAR 21 Subpart G – Military Production Organisation Approval (POA) Essentials
  • EMAR 21 Subpart J – Successfully Applying the Requirement
  • Continuing Airworthiness Management Skills for a Defence CAMO
  • EASA Part 145 & Part M – Continuation Training
  • Successful Management of OEM Safety
  • Assessments and Operator Safety Cases
  • Understanding Maintenance Programme Principles
  • Managing Continuing Airworthiness
  • Regulations within the UK MAE
    MRP Part 145 – Successfully Applying the Maintenance Regulation
  • MAOS Regulations – Management Responsibilities
  • MAOS – Continuing Airworthiness Engineering within the UK MAE
  • Understanding Defence CAMO Regulations
  • Successfully Applying Defence CAMO Regulations