Defence CAMO

The CAMO is fast becoming an established part of the defence regulatory system for the management of Continuing Airworthiness and our long heritage and practical experience in this field makes us ideally placed to support military CAMOs adapt to the challenges ahead.

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New approach – new opportunities

Based on the philosophies of the EASA civil requirements, the military Part M focuses on continuous improvement and preventative maintenance and is a clear evolution from the old world of compliance management, planning and records.

Its introduction provides a more intelligent framework to ensure aircraft remain safe and reliable whilst balancing cost-effectiveness with operational efficiency. The implementation of CAMO requirements provides an opportunity to achieve significant availability with reduced risk, thus supporting operational advantage.

Why Baines Simmons?

Baines Simmons has championed the potential benefits of ‘intelligent’ continuing airworthiness management and evolved thinking about CAMO performance in all of its work with the European Defence Agency (EDA) and a number of European Defence Forces.

Helping Airworthiness Managers to ‘listen’ to their aircraft, think about airworthiness in a much broader way and develop the skills needed to achieve the benefits of advanced CAMO Skills has the potential to provide a great return on investment for our clients.

Our team includes a number of highly experienced ex-defence airworthiness personnel combined with ex-UKCAA regulators, previously responsible for the oversight of both commercial and private aircraft airworthiness. Our Principal Consultant, Tim Drinkwater was retained to advise the EDA and was highly influential during EMAR M development.

Challenges you may be facing

Our aircraft fleet reliability is poor impacting operational availability – we aren’t getting value out of our reliability system.

Our contracted maintenance provider suppliers CAMO services so we need more advanced skills to work more effectively with them to ensure high airworthiness standards.

It feels like we are doing too much maintenance and the Approved Maintenance Programme is not effective.

We have to implement the Military Type Certificate Holder’s/manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance requirements and don’t know what to do next.
We are changing our operational role and don’t know how to proactively update our maintenance regime.

We provide services under a static contractual arrangement, but want to improve availability.

We have not got the skills to investigate technical failures and identify possible solutions and don’t know how to work effectively with other stakeholders.

We are not getting value out of our Airworthiness Reviews. Yes, the aircraft are serviceable on the day of the review, but we don’t seem to be able to prevent system failures and overruns.

How we can help

We provide a range of training and consultancy solutions to address CAMO performance improvement.

We can help you to develop a performing CAMO, improving reliability and availability and optimising your aircraft maintenance budget.

Our SMARRT Airworthiness Management Diagnostic critically examines the enablers for CAMO performance and highlights weaknesses in management systems.

Our training solutions go far beyond mere regulatory training, providing your CAMO personnel with the skills required to actively and creatively manage continuing airworthiness.

Aligned with the core CAMO continuous improvement philosophy, our Airworthiness Review training is designed to provide the essential skills required to undertake a review competently, knowledgeably and efficiently, thus providing tangible benefits and return on investment.
Please refer to our Defence Training Courses and Airworthiness Diagnostic Consulting Services in the right column for further details.