Phil King

Phil offers clients extensive knowledge, training, consultation and mentoring experiences in accident and incident investigation, following more than 40 years in the civil aviation sector, of which 18 years was spent as the Safety Manager for a large aircraft maintenance facility attached to an international airline operating more than 250 large wide-bodied aircraft based in the Middle East.

Expertise and capability

A licensed aircraft maintenance engineer, he worked on and trained technical persons with regard to a wide range of aircraft from small General Aviation machines to Airbus A380 and Boeing 777. A proficient incident investigator and worked alongside the forensics and metallurgy departments of various authorities from the UK, UAE and Australia. A prolific report writer, able to advise on technical report writing to ICAO Annex13 protocols and standards.

Career background and experience

Phil has a considerable range of expertise, working within complex multi-cultural groups providing training and advice on all aspects of operational safety and its regulation, risk assessment, human performance improvement and investigative techniques. He has acted as the technical advisor to the accredited representative(s) for the state of occurrence and registration across international borders, in line with the latest ICAO standards and recommended practices.

Phil has offered associate consultant services solely to Baines Simmons since early 2021 and prior to that he spent 18 years in an extremely dynamic flight safety department, managing safety and risk assessment for the technical department and advised the Flight Operations department with regard the technical aspects of in-flight situations. Before that he spent 20 years designing and developing technical type-rated training programs, delivering them to a range of persons of varied technical background and managerial status, via translation services when required. He worked closely with senior managers and with decision makers at shop-floor level, to improve safety and awareness of risk.

During this time Phil’s achievements included the design and development of the human factors training program for aircraft maintenance staff at its 1998 inception and he continued to provide advice to the responsible training centre regarding human performance, using in-house factual events. He advised and assisted in the development of a digital reporting system to capture safety concerns and assisted in that system’s development to provide statistical clarity. His work and long-term liaison with the local aviation authority won him an award for his services to aviation safety.