Neil Catton-Wretham

Neil or Cat as he is more commonly known as, has over 30 years of experience in military, civil and recreational aviation and currently provides flying instruction, Human Factors, Risk and Error Management training. His interest in Air Safety was ignited after surviving a military helicopter crash in 1987. Initially becoming a survival instructor for post-crash management then later focusing on the left-hand side of the Bow Tie as an instructor and Air Safety Officer focusing on prevention.

Expertise and capability

Cat has experience with the practical application of

Flight Authorisation and supervision
Training and facilitation skills in Human Factors, Error Management, Incident and Just Culture Error Investigation in military environment
Effective Error Management (SEMSCO)
Bow Tie
Combat survival Rescue Officer (CSRO/SERE)
CAA Instructor (PPL), CAA Senior RT Examiner.
Career background and experience

Prior to joining Baines Simmons as an Associate in 2021, Cat enjoyed a career in the Royal Air Force, as an Air Loadmaster on helicopters and has gained deployed operational experience in multiple theatres including Northern Ireland, North West Europe, Scandinavia, the broader Middle East, Iraq, the Former Yugoslav Republics and Afghanistan. He has held both squadron and Force Air Safety Officer posts, supervising the day to day management of the ASMS and risk for the DDH. As the station Human Factors Supervisor, he coordinated, delivered and standardised HF continuation training. An accomplished flying instructor Cat attained CFS A2 category (QHCI) teaching on the Puma Operational Conversion Flight and regularly enjoys delivering CAA PPL(A) instruction at the flying club.

Cat’s achievements include:

MSc Leadership and Management
Combat Survival Rescue Officer (CSRO)
Frozen ATPL(A), FI(A), PPL(H), PPL(G)